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This example demonstrates how to scrape Airbnb data and analyze it using Firecrawl and the Code Interpreter SDK from E2B.

We won’t write any of the analysis code and instead we will have Anthropic’s AI write it for us. We will use E2B’s Code Interpreter SDK to safely run the code and get the results.

Scrape and Analyze Airbnb Data with Firecrawl and E2B


  • Node.js installed on your machine
  • An E2B API key
  • A Firecrawl API key
  • A Anthropic API key

Setup & run

1. Clone the repository

Here is the GitHub repository for this example.

git clone
cd e2b-cookbook/examples/scrape-and-analyze-airbnb-data-with-firecrawl

2. Install dependencies

npm install

3. Set up .env

  1. Copy .env.template to .env
  2. Get E2B API key
  3. Get Firecrawl API key
  4. Get Anthropic API key

4. Run the example

npm run start